TTM_2024_TDJ team

Transylvania Tango Fest/Marathon
by Tango Brașov®

The inaugural and enduring yearly global Argentine Tango gathering in Romania has been uniting tango enthusiasts since 2008!

We’re delighted to extend a warm invitation to the 15th Anniversary celebration, featuring an added touch of excitement this year as the marathon extends over 5 days:

August 1st to 5th, 2024.

We’ve curated our signature events along with some delightful surprises in store.

TTM 2024 Marathon Pass

4 Night Milongas
3 Tango Cafe (Day Milongas)
4 Outdoor Guerilla Milongas


* The marathon fee does not include Monday’s (August, 5th) activities, city tours, accommodation, travel or transfer costs


Tango Cafe and Night Milongas Venue

Tango Cafe Milongas (3) and Night Milongas (4) will take place at Casa Armatei (Cercul Militar) – SALA COLOANE, one of the most important establishments in Brașov, built in the 19th century, situated in the Historic Centre of the town, on 1 Lungă Street.

At only 550 meters walking distance (~9 minutes) from Piața Sfatului (The Council Square), this wonderful venue welcomes you as well with a view to the most iconic historic buildings and beautiful panoramic views of the Old City.

„Sala Coloanelor”, situated at the the first floor of the venue, that you are invited for your tango dancing, offers:

  • 523 m2 of total space (dancing and chilling out zones)
  • Wooden oak dance floor
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning system
  • 8,4 m high room for better breathing
  • Historical building(1938)
  • Situated in the Center of Brașov
  • 9 min walk (550m) to the main old streets with many restaurants, hotels, Airbnbs and more

tDJ Team

Giuseppe Clemente
„El Capitan”

Andre Dan

Yanina Erramouspe

Balazs Gyenis

Deniz Hazir „Denizko” (Slovakia)

Igor „El Espejero”

Ilias Mouzourakis


For me, to photograph tango dancers is a way of dancing with the tangueras.

The camera lens is my partner, together we mingle among the embracing couples, trying to capture their elegance, passion and chemistry.

A silent observer, I am in constant admiration of this world that is revealed to me through gestures, glances and emotions made visible by faces focused on perfecting the tandas in unique and absolute ways.

Thank you for letting me be part of your story!

The camera lenses are my filter for the world around me. In tango, this filter has been a miraculous window towards the dancers’ souls.

Over the years, I developed a feel to sense by intuition to capture special moments, like emotions, passion and connection inside the dance-couples.

I’ve been dancing Tango Argentino since 2000 and I am also a portrait, wedding and event photographer in Dresden (Germany). These two passions combined bring a special harmony in my life. I adapt to any given situation and try to bring the beauty out that is already there. But I love focusing on details.


19.00 – 21:30 – Outdoor Guerilla Milonga – TDj Ilias Mouzourakis

23.00 – 04.00 – „TanGo with feeling” Milonga – TDj Igor „El Espejero”

14:00 – 18:00 – TanGo Cafe Milonga – TDj Ilias Mouzourakis

19.00 – 21:30 – Outdoor Guerilla Milonga – TDj „Denizko”

23.00 – 04.00 – „Embrace Me” Milonga – TDj Giuseppe Clemente

14:00 – 18:00 – TanGo Cafe Milonga – TDj Balazs Gyenis

19.00 – 21:30 – Outdoor Guerilla Milonga – TDj Igor „El Espejero”

23.00 – 04.00 – „Tango Me Plenty” Milonga – TDj Yanina Erramouspe

14:00 – 18:00 – TanGo Cafe Milonga – TDj „Denizko”

19.00 – 21:30 – Outdoor Guerilla Milonga – TDj Yanina Erramouspe

23.00 – 04.00 – „Until I’ll see u again” Milonga – TDj Andre Dan

12.00 – 19.00 – BBQ Party @ Solomon’s Stones

*(not included in the marathon pass)


The atmosphere of the Night Milongas is unmistakably one of the most magical in the marathon.

We dance until dawn on the beautiful tandas chosen by our already very appreciated TDJs.

Tango Cafe

Relaxing indoor day milongas, Tango Cafes are the perfect occasion to enjoy an after-lunch coffee in tango ambience, to dance and connect with each other.

Guerilla Milonga

It has always been one of the main attractions of our marathon: dancing outdoors, in the center of the city, with wonderful surroundings, beautiful weather (even if that means a magic summer rain sometimes) and, of course, tango music.

In Romania, the concept of Guerilla Milonga was introduced for the first time by Tango Brașov ®, in 2009 at the second edition of the international Argentine tango festival – Transylvania Tango Fest (TTF), in Brasov.

Fashion/art corner

Ildiko Peter

Fashion Designer

Ildiko Peter

Ildikó Péter is a fashion designer from Timișoara, Romania. IldiKoncept by Ildikó Péter dresses are unique, special, wearable to other events, not just to tango, comfortable and made with a lot of soul!

She uses decorative elements, hand paintings, interesting color combinations, hand cutouts, asymmetries, graphic effects and more.

Ildikó has been dancing for 17 years now. She started with ballroom dance and continued until now with Argentine tango. At first she was making dresses for sports dance competitions and this is the way she understood what a comfortable dress means for a dancer. This also adapts to tango dresses created by her.

We are glad to have her for the first time with us at TTM, as a unique designer and as a great dancer.

Gabriel Alexe

Fashion Designer

Gabriel Alexe

Tango fashion also need accessories! Isn’t that right ladies and gentlemen?

So, this year’s fashion corner at Transylvania Tango Marathon® is enriched with beautiful leather handmade items, brought to us by Gabriel Alexe.

Gabriel started his production as a hobby, in 2021, and now works towards making it a family business. He creates bags, belts, card holders, even knife sheaths and, soon, wallets. All his
accessories are made of natural leather and sewn by hand.

Both ladies and gentlemen will have something to choose to go with their tango outfits, so we can’t wait to enjoy the experience together at TTM 2024.

Iulian Mîță


Iulian Mîță

Dear tango friends,

Our 15th anniversary of Transylvania Tango Fest/Marathon® will also have an amazing art corner composed of our dear friend Iulian Mîță’s paintings. Not to mention Iulian will be there as a tanguero too, so you can have first hand discussions and dance.

„Iulian Mîţă’s creation, like many contemporary artistic trends, proposes a stylistic ambivalence, an organic destructuring of the personality that creates beauty in an apparently irreconcilable duality: cognitive paintings and graphic gesturalism, the demonstration of strength and dynamism that he achieves in the spontaneous surprise of movement through nervous but firm touches of elegance also remind me of the metabolic pretense of lyric expressionism.” (Dan Tudor Truică, artist)

See you all soon!

Mara Blaj


Mara Blaj

Tango looks so much more elegant with the right accessories, don’t you think? That’s why this year at 15th TTM® we’re going to have exquisite, handmade, unique glass jewellery from Glass Tree by Mara Blaj.

„I’ve been making jewellery for five years now. It is a way of expressing my unique vision and creativity. It is also a pathway to growth.

It inspires me because I love the effect that wearing a piece of beautiful jewellery can have on one’s confidence and day. Also, jewellery can be the perfect way of connecting to a significant moment in your life depending on when or where you bought it or you wore it last. It can be a magical charm and can infuse the present moment with joy and positivity.

I am drawn to glass due to its simplicity, elegance, unpredictability and at the same time transparency. It is this elegance and this unpredictability that in my mind reminds me of the tango dancers.

I am looking forward to taking part in the TTM15!”


Any AIRBNB near the city center (Republicii / Muresenilor / Postavarului / Castelului Street)

@ HOTELS (mention TANGO BRASOV EVENT, to get the following prices):


Address: 19th Piata Sfatului Street, close to the Council Square

  • 350 Ron/night/room with breakfast included




Address: 5th Lunga Street, 2 minutes away from Casa Armatei)

  • Standard SINGLE – 98 eur/night/room (breakfast included)
  • Standard DOUBLE – 113 eur/night/room (breakfast included)
  • Executive SINGLE: 113 eur/night/room (breakfast included)
  • Executive DOUBLE: 128 eur/night/room (breakfast included)



Laura Lupu – Manager
Tel.: (+40)738758698

Transfers to Brașov from the airports

✈️ Brașov International Ghimbav Airport (

Our new airport is 20 minutes away from Brasov and the easiest way to get to the City Center(Livada Postei main station) is by RATBV, BUS #A1.

The bus runs every hour.

Check here the schedule:


Regarding the new flights that will be added from June, here you have the list:

* Germany – Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart

* Italy – Bologna, Rome, Milan

* Spain – Barcelona

* Greece – Thessaloniki

* Turkey – Istanbul

Bucharest Airport to Brașov

To avoid the heavy traffic we recommend you to travel by train.

🚆 1. From the airport there is a RAIL every 40 minutes straight to the main train station in Bucharest – Gara de Nord.

The trip it takes 25 minutes and the price of the ticket is around 3 eur.

Here you have the schedule:

🚆2. From „Gara de Nord” to BRASOV (2.5 hrs trip)


We recommend IR or R-E trains (Softrans, Astra Trans Carpatic, Regio Calatori, Transferoviar, CFR).

Ticket price: around 15 euro/person/trip.

🚐 From the Bucharest airport to Brasov by shuttles

The fee is around 30 eur/person/trip.


  • will be made only online by filling in the registration form
  • registration with a partner is our recommendation and in this case he/she has to fill in separate registration form
  • will be followed by an automatic registration notification sent to your personal email (notice that it is NOT the acceptance of your participation in the marathon). If you didn’t receive the email, please check the SPAM folder or contact us by e-mail at
  • within 14 days of registration, if your application is accepted, you will receive an acceptance email containing payment details. Payment must be completed within 10 days of receiving the acceptance email
  • following your payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you. If the payment is not made on time, your reservation for the event will be lost.


  • is to be carried out online only after the acceptance confirmation is sent to your personal email account
  • will include the amount of Full Pass TTM 2024, plus the bank fee
  • will not be reimbursed, once the payment is completed.

In order for the organizers to be able to keep the tradition of the event will meet the following requirements:

  • our recommendation is to register with a partner
  • the access to the marathon will be possible only with proof of online payment, so there will be no cash payments at the door
  • the acceptance at marathon is based on minimum 5 years of REGULAR social tango experience (tango events, classes, practicas, milongas on a regular basis)
  • In case you registered as a couple and one of you cancel the participation at the event, the other one could not be part of the event. Same if one of you do not show up at the registration desk on the first day of the event. In this cases NO refund of the contribution for the marathon for neither of you. We want just serious registrations for the event, to make sure for fully tango joy of participants and 100% success of the event.

Terms and conditions

  1. Registration for the marathon is mandatory and possible only through the registration form. Please note that clicking „Going” on Facebook will not be considered an official registration. We kindly ask you – do not book the hotel and flights before you receive the final confirmation of participation.
  2. Only full pass marathon is available, there will be no separate entrance tickets to milongas.
  3. If you register as a couple, applications of both dancers must be submitted separately.
  4. Gender balance is very important in our marathon.
  5. Please, note that at our event we assume the right of selecting the participants, so the „first come, first in” principle will not be applied. We will always give preference to more experienced dancers to ensure a good level.
  6. The acceptance is based on minimum 5 years of REGULAR social tango dance experience (tango events: classes, practicas, milongas on a regular basis). We might ask you or other dancers about previous tango events attended and your tango experience.
  7. For a nice tango experience and in order to create the right blend of nationalities and dancers the number of participants, as always, will be limited.
  8. Cancellation of a registration: all confirmed acceptance fees paid to the marathon are neither refundable, nor transferable to another dancer without agreement with the organizers, nor transferable to future events if participants can’t come due to personal reasons.
  9. The decision to participate in the marathon is the personal responsibility of the participant.
  10. The participant agrees that if he/she gets any disease on the dates of the marathon, the organizers do not bear any responsibility for this.

GDPR Privacy

  • All your personal data, collected during the registration, will be exclusively used to identify and contact you for current or future events. It is important to acknowledge that this event explicitly allows videos and photographs of the participants being taken for social media sharing and tagging. There might be an official event photographer, but there can also be other participants taking pictures or videos. Please take into account this GDPR policy when you assume to participate in our Marathon.